Welcome to Albatoul Marine

We are Albatoul Marine: a tightly knit group of enthusiasts with a passion for high-end watersports racing technology and excitement. Since the first whispers of the Flyboard were being passed around in back rooms behind closed doors, we were there—learning about the technology, preparing for the long awaited release. Our instructors are trained and certified to show you how to fly. We are now also the exclusive Saudi distributors for The WaterBlob, providing endless, safe fun for all ages to enjoy!

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Zapata Racing®

The Zapata Flyboard... Aquaman meets Iron Man! Just 20-60 minutes of training from our certified instructors, and you will be flying high above the surface, and swimming underwater like a dolphin. The long-awaited & highly acclaimed Hoverboard by ZR is now available as well! Click below to learn more.

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The WaterBlob™

Let it all hang out and enjoy the exciting, heart-in-your-throat experience of flying up in the air before your spectacular splash down. The WaterBlob™ is made with heavy-duty vinyl in an extremely durable process that is sure to handle any rough and tumble antics you can throw at it!

WaterBlob Overview | Launching 50 Feet High

Freestyle Cruiser

The Freestyle Cruiser™ from FreeStyle Slides is the world’s first custom made, sealed-air inflatable water slide for the yacht industry. At FreeStyle Slides our vision for cutting edge family entertainment has led to the development of some of the most unique inflatable slides in the world.

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