The FlyBoard®

zapata_racing_logoThe Flyboard is a water-propelled device that allows the user to fly above water, to dive in and out of the water for realizing multiple freestyle tricks.


The Flyboard is an accessory that attaches to a PWC (Personal Watercraft) which gives the Flyboard propulsion through air and water. The whole propulsion is routed through the primary nozzle that attaches to the feet of the Flyboard user.

The PWC provides all of the propulsion for the Flyboard. The thrust from the PWC is routed through an 18 meters hose up to the Flyboard where a rider can divert and control that thrust to create any type of movement.
Then, the PWC follows behind the rider giving you the freedom to go anywhere, even underwater.
The Flyboard has its own buoyancy and therefore floats on the water allowing the rider more safety and easier time in the water prior to start.
The height that can be reached depends from the Jet-Ski power. With a 150HP, the Flyboarder can already highs up to 5 or 6 meters and with a 250HP, the user will use the maximum pipe length that is 12 meters.

Despite its intuitive use, the Flyboard is none the less an extreme sports gear to practice with vigilance.


2014 Improvements



Pump interface with Venturi effect.
New system allowing water draining during utilization.



Propulsion system added. The PWC is not only trailed but moves at 25km/h speed.



New nozzles have been developed wider to stop vibrations during utilization.



New look designed.



Shoes especially developed for Flyboard practice. More flexible laterally and reinforced in front and back of the shoes, they offer an optimal foot and ankle protection during the practice.



New Quick adapter equipped with an integrated nozzle.

FlyBoard Practice

fly-wc-day-1-139-of-153The Flyboard® is a machine developed by jet ski racing legend Franky Zapata, which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. The innovative technology is driven by the nozzles under your feet, providing power great enough to propel you high into the air, or underwater with ease.

There are two versions available. The first version was designed for two person use: the first person is on the PWC and the second uses the Flyboard. This allows for fast learning and great freedom of movement. The second version is for single person use and allows for better flight precision. Should you require assistance in selecting a model, click here to request a consultation with a product specialist.

Revolutionary Technology, Easy to Use

The Flyboard is very intuitive : it’s like learning to walk. Kindly note, the learning course and trial is required prior to operating. The course and trial will take approximately two hours. After this course, you will be moving underwater like a dolphin and flying through the air like a superhero. Then you will be able to take off into the water and enjoy your Flyboard for hours!

Who can practice FlyBoard

It is recommended not to use the Flyboard under16 years old. No weight or height restrictions are imposed.

How to Practice FlyBoard

Flyboard can be practiced at two people with one PWC driver and one Flyboard rider.

But it can also be practiced alone thanks to the Electronic Management Kit (EMK). Indeed, the EMK is connected to the PWC engine which allows the user to have all the PWC control from the Flyboard through a throttle hold in the user’s hand. The EMK is an option that not belongs to the Flyboard Kit.

Where to Practice FlyBoard

The Flyboard can be practiced either in lake, pond, sea or ocean in the condition where minimum 4 meters depth is respected. It is strictly forbidden to use the Flyboard in tight spots such as swimming pools.

Mandatory Equipment & Safety

Flyboard is an extreme sport that requires the following items during practice:

– Buoyancy vest with CE certification
– Wakeboard helmet type
– Neoprene short


It is mandatory to follow an hour of training in a specialized training center (rental basis) to understand the basics and the main security rules.

Monitoring & Legislation

The Flyboard, practiced alone (with EMK) is a sport monitored by the PWC legislation. It is advised to get close to the local authorities to know legal particularities according to the place where the Flyboard is practiced. For a use in French territory, the Flyboard user must have a coastal boat license (or be accompanied by someone who has one) and have a PWC license.

Type of PWC

Flyboard is compatible with all type of watercrafts when it is approved and certified by local authorities. Adapters are available according to each brand and model.

Minimum power requirement: 100HP
Maximum power requirement: 300HP


While the Flyboard requires low maintenance, we advise clear water cleaning after each use. The hose should be rinsed, dried and rolled up after each use and before storage. The Flyboard should be stored in a dry location.


All the spare parts are under one year warranty in case of proper use as recommended in the user manual.

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